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Texas to Thailand

International Pet Moves February 18, 2020

(Bailey shared a lot more you can read on Yelp. Thanks Smith Family!)

Yelp Review Snapshot
As every pet owners treat their dogs as family member, I am so thrill to have Air Animal shipped my 2 dogs from Texas to Thailand.

After months of extensive research to find the pet shipper to ship my dogs from San Antonio, Texas to Bangkok, Thailand, I chose Air Animal in Florida.  Here are the reasons I chose them:

- Ms. Maria Holt had been the only one I talked to at Air Animal. Other pet shippers you will talk to one person then when you agree to do business with them or give them deposit down then you will be assigned to the new person.

- The transparency in the aspects of the process, the price, what will you get with that price and Maria herself.

- Easy to deal with. I communicated with her through emails most of the time and she answered quickly.

Gracie, Bella, Bailey and John Smith

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