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West Grove,Pennsylvania to Dublin,Ireland - Gabe's Story

International Pet Moves February 8, 2016

My husband and I were moving to Ireland and chose to bring our dog "Gabe" because we were leaving all other family and friends.  He is a very sweet, black labradoodle.  He is the size of a great dane with a heart to match.  He is healthy and happy and loves most of all to play with his ball!

When I contacted Air Animal Pet Movers, I worked with Melissa.  Right away she determined that Gabe would need an extra large crate with an extension on it to be able to ride comfortably in his flight.  I appreciated their ability to determine these factors.  They also worked closely with our local veterinarians to make the move smooth.

Gabe was receiving Air Animals "door-to-door" service.  We did get an extreme blizzard after I left and his departure date and location had to be adjusted to make it all work.  I was thankful when Air Animal Pet Movers made all of these details come together.

Gabe had a direct flight to Dublin, then he went through customs clearance and delivery to my residence.  He arrived in Ireland safely, however, after he arrived I noticed he was not acting like himself, his stomach seemed to be bothering him.

I contacted Air Animal immediately and Dr. Woolf was very, VERY good at assessing the situation.  Dr. Woolf talked me through an assessment of Gabe's condition and was able to determine that this was a critical situation and Gabe needed to be checked immediately.  Air Animal made arrangements with a local veterinarian and arranged a ride for us to their office.

The local vet said that Gabe was very ill and needed to stay in the hospital.  He had a "torsion," a life-threatening condition that can occur in large dogs like Gabe.  Their stomach twists and will they can die from circulatory shock.  The vet did a procedure to stop this problem from advancing and stopped the need for emergency surgery.

Air Animal continued to check on Gabe and showed consideration and care and did all they could do to make sure Gabe was well.  Gabe made a full recovery and I do feel he is alive today due to the professional care from Melissa and Dr. Woolf at Air Animal Pet Movers and Dr. Mark, the vet in Ireland.  He is now back to playing with his ball, taking walks and his tail is wagging!  I can't thank you enough for your genuine care of our family!

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