Air Animal App

A direct link with your pet move manager!

Our Air Animal Pet Moving Made Easy® App offers mobile and desktop concierge service exclusively for Air Animal clients. Request an estimate for your move and we'll email your Air Animal App user name and password. You may download the app from the Apple or Android mobile store or use from your browser.

You can add information about your move, the pets moving and veterinarian info. You can upload your pet's vaccination records on the app so they are handy any time. We've even made it easy for you to take their pet's travel ID photo with your phone and upload it. During the move, you will have your pet's flight data, a virtual copy of the health certificate, and a tracking map in the palm of your hand.

Confuse two numbers in your pet's microchip? Change it in the app and your pet's information automatically updates. Keep your pet's veterinary records on the app so they're handy any time.

Moving is stressful enough. Pet moving made easy® is our focus, our passion and our promise.

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