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Coronavirus Complicating Pet Moves

coronavirus,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transportation February 19, 2020

(Tampa, FL--Feb.12, 2020) – The list of countries prohibiting flights into and out of China is growing every day because of the coronavirus. It’s expected that pet exports from these destinations would be delayed. There is a ripple effect. Air Animal® Pet Movers has found that flight embargoes are also affecting the ability to import pets to China, Hong Kong and other destinations in Asia.

Air Animal advises families relocating to Asia to postpone their pets’ relocations until the coronavirus embargoes are lifted. This novel coronavirus only spreads from human to human. It does not infect cats, dogs or birds. Please talk with your Air Animal pet move manager about your options. We’ve helped thousands of families reunite with their pets after a move and temporary separation. We’ve got you.


Air Animal Announces Holiday Office Schedule

holiday hours,pet moving,pet shipping,pet transportation,pet transportation service December 6, 2019

So that our employees may celebrate Christmas and New Year's with their families we will be closed on the following dates:

Tuesday, Dec. 24--closing at 1 p.m.
Wednesday, Dec. 25--closed
Tuesday, Dec. 31--closing at 3 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 1--closed

We wish warmth and joy for everyone celebrating Hannukka Dec. 22 through Dec. 30 and those celebrating Kwanzaa beginning Dec. 26.

If you need to reach your pet move manager because pet is relocating on any of these dates, please contact them using their cell number listed in your pet move documents.


Air Animal Recommends Ehrlichia Pre-Test Before Pet Moves to Australia & New Zealand

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transportation,move my dog to Australia,PCS move November 27, 2019

Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand

Australia bars dogs that test positive for Ehrlichia canis. This tick-borne disease is not contagious to people yet is related to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in humans.

“Ehrlichia has surged in animal populations because tick populations surge every seven years,” said Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal founder and USDA-certified veterinarian.

Air Animal now recommends their clients start the six-month pre-move process for both Australia and New Zealand with an Ehrlichia antigen test. The test is especially important for pets residing in the U.S. for six months before moving on to another country such as Australia or New Zealand. Pets that test positive can then complete the treatments necessary for them to relocate and enter Australia and New Zealand’s normal 10-day quarantine.

“If the first test is positive, a 30-day treatment using Imizol (imidocarb), doxycycline and tick prevention usually reduces the antigen to acceptable levels. A second confirmatory blood test is required within 45 days of pet export. If clients wait to test the antigen 45 days before the move, there just isn’t time to complete the treatments and re-test the pet.” Woolf said.

Harper, Labrador retriever, Washington to New Zealand


Don’t Tranquilize Pets on the Move Advises Air Animal Veterinarian

domestic pet transportation,move my pet,PCS move,pet shipping November 27, 2019

Leon, Shetland Sheepdog, New Jersey to Switzerland

Air Animal advises pet parents not to dose their pets with tranquilizers before a pet move. Tranquilizers affect pets differently than they affect people and the outcome may be unpredictable, says Dr. Walter M. Woolf, Air Animal’s veterinarian owner.

“In pets, tranquilizers dilate the veins and arteries slowing blood flow. They depress breathing. And, they reduce the natural ability to regulate body temperature. All of those responses can cause medical problems during transport. Our pets can’t complain, but they may act frightened or may become aggressive when tranquilized,” he said.

Air Animal recommends asking a veterinarian about a DAP collar for dogs or Feliway cat pheromones. DAP collars and Feliway can help pets in a range of stressful situations: air travel, settling into new homes, fireworks, Christmas, new baby and staying home alone. They may also help prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviors including excessive barking, destruction/clawing/chewing, house soiling, pacing, trembling, salivating. Re-training may be required to eliminate unwanted behavior. DAP is not usually recommended for hyperactive or aggressive pets.

Thundershirts, another type of calming device, cannot be used on board aircraft. Airlines have prohibited them because they may constrict the pet’s chest and lungs and cause breathing problems during flight.

“We don’t recommend using CDB treats, oils or THC-derivatives either. They can also muddle hearing, vision and balance,” Woolf added.

Moving is stressful enough. Pet moving made easy® is our focus, our passion and our promise.

Leon, Shetland Sheepdog, New Jersey to Switzerland


Know Before You Go: International Pet Quarantine

animal quarantine,international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transportation,pet quarantine November 27, 2019

“No quarantine for pets entering the UK.” Sounds fantastic! Yet there is a myriad of details to attend to before Fido, the kitty, or the ferret, are ready to leave for their flight to the United Kingdom. Air Animal warns that many often countries change rules. Pet import rules for the UK may change during and after Brexit. The best way to avoid unnecessary quarantine and delays for pet relocation is to work with an expert pet transportation service such as Air Animal Pet Movers. They know the airlines to use and the rules about moving pets anywhere in the world.

The most challenging locations are islands and island countries because most do not have rabies in their animal populations. For example, moving a pet to Australia  requires a six-month lead time along with a very specific veterinary protocol. There is a 10-day quarantine after arrival in Melbourne, Australia.

Veterinarians agree that pets handle the various quarantine periods with surprisingly good outcomes—probably because they do not have a sense of time. Dedicated animal care professionals at the various quarantine stations around the world take their jobs seriously and care for pets in a proper, conscientious, responsible and professional manner. Pet owners are required to pay fees to the facility for quarantine services. Sorry! No visiting during quarantine.

The attached table details common destinations, the length of quarantine and preparation timelines as of November 2019.

When contacting a pet transportation company, ask if they have an international pet health certificate program which makes it simple for local veterinarians to certify their relocating patients. Ask if they offer VIP door-to-door service and other service levels such as custom travel kennels that meet family relocation budgets. Learn more from “Eight Steps for Choosing a Pet Mover” from the Air Animal Pet Movers YouTube channel. The channel contains lots of helpful information about moving pets. Subscribers receive updates about new videos.

Moving is stressful enough. Pet Moving Made Easy® is our focus, our passion and our promise.


Robinette Named COO of Air Animal Pet Movers

Air Animal leadership,Cory Robinette,international pet shipping,international pet transport October 23, 2019

(Tampa, FL—Oct. 8, 2019) Cory Baizan Robinette, has been promoted to chief operating officer at Air Animal Inc. following an exemplary 30-year career with increasing responsibility for business operations as Air Animal flourished. 

Robinette’s expertise in international corporate pet moves and all other aspects of the business led to the appointment, according to Walter M. Woolf, VMD, Air Animal founder and CEO. “Cory’s leadership in the management of the global pet move process for expatriate pet owners has earned her high marks and consistent 5-star Google reviews over the years. Her experience with all aspects of our business will be an asset to our executive team,” he said.

Robinette excelled at a variety of roles including veterinary hospital receptionist before Woolf opened Air Animal in 1977 as one of only six pet movers in the world. Today, the industry association has 440 members and a suite of useful animal safety regulations which Woolf and Robinette helped create.

“The fact that we’re moving family members is always top of mind for our entire Air Animal team. Controlling the logistics and the communication between all the parties is especially important for corporate international moves because the regulations for importing pets to some countries can be daunting,” Robinette said. She’s also been instrumental training staff. “All of our team members have built very strong project management skills because moving is stressful enough for our clients. They trust us to know everything there is to know about relocating Rex to Australia. We make sure all the moving parts mesh so Rex has a pleasant experience from the first veterinary visit to the day he leaves quarantine in Melbourne.

“I really love watching a colleague’s face when a move goes well. I also love watching when something doesn’t go quite as expected and they’re actively brainstorming alternatives learned as we worked together. We are always ready with plans A, B, and sometimes C because moving pets involves travel and commercial airlines,” she says.

More clients are returning to Air Animal for corporate pet moves every two to four years. “Corporations are moving their talent around the globe in this global economy. Air Animal is filling a key role for these companies because they want their employees to be happy and successful,” Robinette added.

Robinette was named “Outstanding Service Provider of the Year” in 2014 by the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association where she currently serves as a board director-at-large. She will work closely with the Air Animal executive team under Woolf’s leadership as CEO.


Hurricane Dorian will affect air and air cargo in Southeastern U.S.

Dorian,Hurricane Dorian,pet shipping,pet shipping service,pet transport,pet transportation service August 30, 2019

You may have heard…we’re expecting Dorian will visit Florida Monday and maybe Tuesday. While we will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, Dorian will affect air and air cargo travel in the southeastern United States. We plan to re-open Tuesday. Here at Air Animal we’re hoping Dorian doesn’t stay long. If you have questions about a move in progress, please contact your pet move manager using the mobile number listed in your pet move documents. Thank you in advance for your patience if our response is somewhat delayed early next week.

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