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Pet Moving

Moving Your Pet United States

Let Us Take Care of the Details!

There are hundreds of details to attend to when moving a pet across the USA. Our domestic pet move managers also arrange pet moves to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Regulations vary by destination and change frequently. Engaging Air Animal to manage your pet's move will ensure a smooth transition for both of you. We moved more than 110,000 pets and we’ve posted average bundled prices for some of the most common domestic destinations on this page.

Let’s talk! Start your pet’s move well before your relocation date by telling us more using our online request.

Your pet relocation needs depend upon your pet's species, breed, the number of pets relocating, each pet's weight, the origin, the destination, the pre-move requirements, and all transportation types required. That's why we don’t do automated cookie-cutter pricing. Sharing your plans using the online request allows a pet move manager to develop your itinerary and move proposal based on your move or flight date and thoughtful consideration of your needs.

Your domestic pet relocation average bundled price includes ground transport and/or air cargo charges, relocation logistics, pet health certificate review, veterinary inspections, in-transit care and pet travel kennel.

The following are also included when relocating to Hawaii: laboratory charges for rabies antibody testing, import permit preparation for your submission, pet health certificate preparation.

Last minute cancellations and flight changes without notice still persist due to airline staffing and aircraft availability.  These situations are out of our control. We will try our best to assist and reschedule. Air Animal will not compensate or reimburse for expenses when such situations arise.

Many clients call on us repeatedly and refer friends and family to us. Try us once and you'll understand why!

Pet Move Pricing

Select a Destination

Choose your regional destination to view average prices to the most popular relocation destinations.

Pet Express
Pet Express
Book & Fly
Shared Ground

Pet Move Service Levels

Step 2: Select a Service Level

OPTION 1 VIP – Origin Residence to Destination Residence

This service includes residential pickup and delivery, domestic health certificate review, ground transport if needed, airport terminal services and commercial airline cargo.

OPTION 2 Origin Pet Express – Origin Residence to Destination Airport

This service includes residential pickup at origin, airport terminal services and commercial airline cargo. It does not include destination arrangements or costs.

OPTION 3 Destination Pet Express – Origin Airport to Destination Residence

This service includes destination residence delivery, domestic health certificate review, airport terminal services and commercial airline cargo. Not available for all destinations at this time.

OPTION 4 Book & Fly – Origin Airport to Destination Airport

This self-service airport to airport option includes airline cargo reservations, cargo charges, domestic health certificate review, and logistics fees on airlines that move pets. It does not include origin or destination arrangements or costs. Not available for all origins or destinations at this time.

OPTION 5 Shared Ground Transport

This option is a shared van ride. Your pet or pets ride door-to-door with comfort stops. Other pets are along for the ride and the van makes stops at their destinations along the way. Transporter provides the travel kennel. Pricing is based on the origin, destination, total mileage, the number of pets you booked and the size of those pets.

OPTION 6 Private Ground Transport

This is a private van ride. Your pet or pets ride door-to-door with comfort stops. Transporter provides the travel kennel. Pricing is based on the origin, destination, total mileage, the number of pets booked for your family and the size of those pets. Please ask your pet move manager about pricing for this custom-tailored relocation service.

Pet Move Plan Ahead

Step 3: FAQs

De-stressing Your Move - Our Air Animal Pet Moving Made Easy® Portal exclusively for Air Animal clients offers concierge service on your computer, tablet or mobile browser. You’ll have your pet move and global tracking services anywhere you are. When you complete your online request your pet move manager will email your Air Animal Portal username and password. You will also receive scheduled email timelines outlining next steps before the move so you know exactly what is happening from our trademark PAWS program. You and your pet mover set the frequency of these updates.

Airline Partners - As an IATA-approved agency, Air Animal leverages pet transportation industry relationships and pet moving expertise built over more than 40 years to arrange your pet's move as live animal air cargo on commercial airlines. Pet moves by air are safer and cause less stress than moving your pet in the family car. Like all professional pet shipping companies, we are not a low-cost alternative to arranging your own move, nor do we own the planes.

The Industry Leader - Our longstanding relationships with commercial airlines and our intricate knowledge of the rules and regulations in over 165 countries have made Air Animal the top animal shipping company in the United States. We know the international marketplace, quarantine issues, blood test and documentation requirements, and the preferred air carriers by destination better than anyone.

Booking Space - Space for pets is managed solely by the airlines. As an IATA-approved agency, Air Animal employs up-to-date online booking tools and reserves space for your pet when the airline offers a booking opportunity. We call these air waybills. Space is offered by airlines three to 30 days before the flight depending on the airline.

Ground Transport - If your pet is a large breed, ground transport to a gateway airport may be required. Wide body airplanes accommodating the extra-large and giant kennels are only available at gateway airports. Air Animal offers a nationwide network of service partners who will drive your pet to their departure airport.

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