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Are you making a move that will require your pet to travel? Let Air Animal handle all the details ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your pet. Our Air Animal Pet Moving Made Easy® App offers mobile and desktop concierge service exclusively for Air Animal clients. Request an estimate for your move and we'll email your Air Animal App username and password.

Airline Partners - Air Animal leverages pet transportation industry relationships and pet moving expertise built over more than 40 years to arrange your pet's move as live animal air cargo on commercial airlines. Pet moves by air are safer and cause less stress than moving your pet in the family car. Like all professional pet shipping companies, we are not a low-cost alternative to arranging your own move, nor do we own the planes.

The Industry Leader - Our longstanding relationships with commercial airlines and our intricate knowledge of live animal transportation rules and regulations have made Air Animal the top animal mover in the United States. We know the preferred air carriers. We streamline the medical and documentation requirements for you better than anyone.

Delighting Clients - Many of the moves we handle are for repeat clients. They are so pleased with their experience that they refer friends and family. We invite you to try us yourself so you'll understand why.

Ground Transport

If your pet is older, is a large breed or has been restricted by the airlines, ground transport is your best and safest alternative. Air Animal offers a nationwide network of ground transporters who pick up your pet.

In both cases, a health certificate is required. Please ask our domestic pet move managers about ground transport services.

Domestic Service (US to US)


Pet Move Pricing

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OPTION 1 VIP – Origin Residence to Destination Residence

This service includes residential pickup and delivery, airport terminal services, commercial airline cargo charges and review of health certificates.

OPTION 2 Origin Pet Express – Origin Residence to Destination Airport

This service includes residential pickup at origin, commercial airline cargo charges, review of health certificates.

OPTION 3 Destination Pet Express – Origin Airport to Destination Residence

This service includes commercial airline cargo charges, residential delivery at destination, and review of health certificates.

OPTION 4 Book & Fly – Origin Airport to Destination Airport

This self-service option includes airline cargo reservations, cargo charges and logistics fees on airlines that move pets. Includes review of veterinarian-issued health certificates.

OPTION 5 Pet Travel - Health Certificate Services

This option includes providing documents to facilitate a veterinarian-issued health certificate.

** We offer discounted health certificates for additional pets. Please ask our health certificate manager for a quote.

* Your estimated pet relocation and/or shipping costs will vary depending upon: the species, breed, and quantity of the pet(s), the pet's physical weight, the flight kennel in which your pet flies, the origin, the destination, any pre-flight requirements, any air transport charges, and any in-transit care charges. For international pet relocations estimated costs will include: customs entry procedures, veterinary inspections, in-transit care, boarding or quarantine if required, and the specific requirements of the destination country. Destination air cargo firms in some countries charge additional fees for animal pick-up that are not included in our estimates.

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