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International Health Certificates

Let us prep the paperwork!

Air Animal offers health certificate services in addition to our full-service pet relocations. We complete all the complicated USDA forms and overnight them to your pet’s veterinarian.

Your vet examines your pet and verifies the microchip in the pet and on the paperwork. Your vet signs the documents and sends the paperwork via our prepaid FedEx package to the USDA for export endorsement. If your pet does not have a microchip, your vet can insert an International Standards Organization-compatible microchip appropriate for your destination. Microchips must always be present before rabies vaccinations when they are required by the destination. Air Animal provides microchips at no charge for our pet relocation clients - a $95 value.

Health certificates for U.S. moves are good for 10 days from the date issued. Owners should call ahead 14 days to allow for processing and scheduling their veterinary visit. International health certificates are generally valid for 10 days - sometimes less - depending on the destination country. Please plan ahead 21 days for international pet health certificates. For some countries, an additional veterinary visit shortly before flight is required.

We walk vets through the process by phone the first time. Completing animal health certificates is not an insurable risk for veterinarians if they incorrectly fill out the complex governmental forms. Air Animal is pleased to accept health certificate clients from all over the United States.

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