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Pet Move Request

Tell us about your upcoming pet move.

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Tell us the details of your pet's upcoming move. You will receive confirmation after submitting this form. We don’t do automated pricing for pet moves. Please allow us several business days to review your request. When we assign a pet move or pet health certificate manager you will receive an email, text or Calendly request from that person with next steps.

Are you relocating for work, change of PCS orders, snowbird move or retirement? You’ll also have access to our exclusive Air Animal Pet Moving Made Easy® portal and PAWS travel itinerary updates.

We are laser focused on Pet Moving Made Easy®. Let us help you relocate with your furry, feathered or scaled friend.

What We Do
  • Continental U.S. and Canada relocations via ground transport. Ground plus air relocations to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Overseas pet relocations by air cargo with a USA origin to any continent except Antarctica.
  • Pet PCS (Permanent Change of Station) relocations with a USA origin to most global destinations.
  • Pet relocations for NGO personnel, Foreign Service & Consular officers, USAID specialists, and expatriates to most overseas destinations.
  • Corporate transfers with pet relocation benefits, lump sum or self-managed relocation allowances.
  • International pet health certificates. Veterinary appointment required.
  • Major credit cards accepted. Personal checks are not accepted.
What We Don’t Do
  • Transport puppies, kittens or rescue animals. These animals are often sold or promoted on the Internet and result in fraud. Click the Pets rescue, adoption, purchase button to learn more.
  • Arrange pet transportation for vacations or travel. We do update a blog giving guidance along with phone numbers for passenger airlines that permit traveling with small pets as accompanied baggage. Click the traveling or vacationing button below.
  • Pet moves beginning and ending outside the United States. Contact an expert pet mover in the origin country.
Why have you contacted us?

Airlines impose size, weight and breed limitations on pets flying in the cabin or as cargo. They also restrict pet moves when air temperatures are under 45 or over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We relocate pets nationwide and worldwide for relocating families. We also relocate unaccompanied family pets. We know all the rules and tailor our service levels to your needs.

Choose your regional destination to view average prices to the most popular relocation destinations.

Select a Service:
  • Please review the International Pet Health Certificate page before completing this form. Veterinary appointment required.
  • International pet health certificate services and domestic pet health certificate reviews are bundled in Air Animal’s average pet move pricing. You do not need to book this service if you are purchasing a pet move package.
  • We offer health certificates for additional pets at $100 each when examined at the same time. Please tell us about each pet needing a certificate.
Tell us how many days until your flight to see pricing.
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Relocation Information
If your pet has never flown before, please review this information. Pet Information
First Pet

Measure top of head (or tip of ears if pointy) to floor.

Measure tip of nose to base of tail.

Select kennel size you own or tell us you need a kennel.

Second Pet

Measure top of head (or tip of ears if pointy) to floor.

Measure tip of nose to base of tail.

Select kennel size you own or tell us you need a kennel.

Third Pet

Measure top of head (or tip of ears if pointy) to floor.

Measure tip of nose to base of tail.

Select kennel size you own or tell us you need a kennel.

Thank you for telling us about your upcoming pet move.

If there's anything else we need to know, please share...

We don’t do automated cookie-cutter replies. You will receive an email from your pet move manager on our next business day telling you when you should expect an email or call to continue the conversation about your move. That timeline is based on your move date and thoughtful consideration of your needs.

If you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder first and whitelist If you didn’t receive an email from your pet mover please contact our office M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET