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Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Our clients send us updates and pics when their pet friends arrive at their new home. Opening emails like these frankly makes our day. Enjoy!

Brooklyn, New York to Hong Kong

International Pet Moves December 27, 2017

Vanilla Bean Maria, Thank you very much for all of your help throughout our move. You were very helpful - especially on moving day, while I was running around the Cargo area in Boston, trying to figure out where to drop off Bean. The information you provided, as well as the regular email updates you sent throughout Bean's trip, helped alleviate a lot of stress - thank you very much! All the best, Liza

Orlando, Florida to Melbourne, Australia

International Pet Moves December 22, 2017

Artie and Winston Hi Jessica! Just letting you know that the boys made it to and passed threw quarantine with no issues. Thanks for all your help in getting them home, there is no way I could have done it alone. Cheers, Gordon

Panama City, Florida to Boyne, Michigan

Domestic Pet Moves December 19, 2017

Bailey Hi, Cathy, My apologies for not writing sooner. Has been a busy time since relocating to MI. Bailey arrived in fine shape and was delivered promptly. He was a bit upset at first but has settled in nicely. I want to tell you what a fine job you and your organization did throughout the moving process!! I was very satisfied and would recommend your company. Bailey and I thank you for your help. Sincerely, Marilyn

Ossining, New York to West Palm Beach, Florida

Domestic Pet Moves December 4, 2017

Whiskers Thank you Cathy. And especially thank you for your professional style and care for not only Whiskers but Jerry and me. Anthony explained everything to me and put to rest any concern I had about Whiskers traveling via plane. Whiskers listened intently and then she indicated her understanding by "making muffins" on her new pink bed! Many thanks Judy

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Hamden, Connecticut

International Pet Moves November 29, 2017

Tuky Hi Cory, Good morning! Tuky is doing great! :) he slept the whole night and he seems pretty comfortable even though he only has a few hours at his new home. I wanted to say thanks to the whole team! You guys are amazing! I must admit I was feeling very sad and anxious sending him alone and everything, since we love him tons! but Mrs. Albania since the first time we met was so sweet and comforting and even more yesterday, this gave me peace of mind and the upon his arrival the quick responsiveness of Cristina and then we saw how sweet she was with him as well was the cherry on top! Really it’s a perfect perfect team! Thank you guys sooo much! Maria

Lino Lakes, Minnesota to Denver, Colorado

Domestic Pet Moves November 27, 2017

Samantha & Virgil Hi Cathy, Thanks so much for checking in! The dogs are doing great, it definitely is an adjustment for them and the altitude really bothered them at first but they are adjusting. My husband felt so badly that he forgot to tip the driver when the dogs got here because he was so excited to see the dogs!  Thanks again for everything and you have been a pleasure to work with! Ann

Mexico City, Mexico to Frankfurt, Germany

International Pet Moves September 18, 2017

Canelo and Gatita Dear Cory, Thanks, for the photos! Very nice! My family is currently on the way to the airport in Brazil. My wife and the kids are extremely excited to see the pets, tomorrow. (One might think, they are more excited to see the pets, than myself). Tonight I am going to have a call with a BGRS manager. I am going to describe your way of cooperation as best practice. You are extremely close to the topics and processes and you provide proactively updates and feedback. I cannot recommend further improvement opportunities. Your customer focus and professionalism are very good and highly appreciated. I enjoy very much the way of cooperation. Thanks, a lot! Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards, Matthias

Allschwill, Switzerland to San Francisco, California

International Pet Moves September 12, 2017

Disco Dear Jessica and Karin- I just want to send a special thank you for everything go as smooth as we could have imagined yesterday. Sebastian and Ray were both wonderful to deal with on the pick-up and drop-off. Sebastian remembered Disco from our original move and Ray was able to wait with Disco while we got our baggage at the airport. He said Disco even fell asleep on his lap, snoring loudly! The professionalism of your team was so appreciated, especially Jessica being available for texting on WhatsApp coordinating the pickup. Thank you to all of you! Lisa