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Customer Testimonials

Some Love from Our Clients!

Our clients send us updates and pics when their pet friends arrive at their new home. Opening emails like these frankly makes our day. Enjoy!

Houston, Texas to Paris, France

International Pet Moves April 30, 2019

Nell Hi Michelle, Yes we have her here in Paris safe and sound. She is in great form and your agent in Roissy was even kind enough to give us a lift to the station so we could catch the train home. Above and beyond! Thank you for organizing her transfer so efficiently. All the best, Colette

Brandywine, Maryland to Doha, Qatar

International Pet Moves April 25, 2019

Seamus Hi Jessica, I wanted to let you know that we, along with Seamus arrived safely in Doha on Thursday. The process of checking Seamus in and checking Seamus out was extremely long. It didn't appear to be long for any apparent reason other than it was just long:( Please know that I truly appreciate all of your help in making sure Seamus was transported safely to Doha. Knowing you were on the case allowed me to rest easy during our transit. I continue to tell people about you and Air Animal. I spoke with the Admissions Director of the American School of Doha and sang your praises after he informed me that he was considering transporting his dog back to his home town in Florida sometime in the next year. Again, thank you for all of your are truly appreciated!! Kristal

Miami, Florida to Bahrain

International Pet Moves April 18, 2019

Athena Good day Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my family through this arduous task of bringing Athena here to Bahrain. She made it fine and slowly getting adjusted to the weather and new surroundings. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless you and have a great day.

Windermere, Florida to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

International Pet Moves April 9, 2019

Sawyer Hello Maria, All is perfectly well! Sawyer is adjusting just fine. Everyone is so happy to have her here. I want to thank you for everything! Moving a pet to the UAE is the hardest thing I've ever been through, but you gave me a peace of mind, and you made the whole experience less stressful! I appreciate you! and I hope you have a great new year! Happy Holidays, Thank you again for everything! Shema A.

Sao Paulo, Brazil to Houston, Texas

International Pet Moves April 4, 2019

Fred Hello dear all – I’m now writing to you from my new office in Houston. Sergio and I wanted to take a moment to thank this amazing team for your help, patience, expertise in handling Fred’s move to Texas. We were very apprehensive, to be quite honest, as we didn’t know what to expect. Gladly, we were pleasantly surprised to meet up with (Melinda) and Fred as he was dropped off at our apartment – so happy and lively as nothing had happened! It didn’t seem as he was on such a looooong trip! So, with that, we want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done this without you – we realize this is teamwork (as handoffs between Sao Paulo, the airport authorities, airline, Houston authorities and then local delivery teams). We are thrilled with your services – and so very impressed with your teamwork! – we’re already recommending your services to friends. All the best, Fred, Sergio & Geysa

Houston, Texas to Budapest, Hungary

International Pet Moves March 21, 2019

Fancy and Bertrand Michelle, Thank you for reaching out to check up on us. The two kitties were delivered to our apartment around lunch on Monday. They (the cats) were glad to be finished with the journey and both are settling in nicely; they are actually laying by me as I type this email right now. Thank you for your help in making everything happen. You made the transition overseas less stressful for us! Have a great week! Rowdy

New York, New York to Barcelona, Spain

International Pet Moves March 14, 2019

Callie and Zena Dear Michelle, It's been 2-1/2 weeks since Callie and Zena arrived in Barcelona. As you can see, they have settled in well to their new home. Thank you and your incredible team for the thoroughness in preparing the paperwork and flights. The professionalism, courtesy and caring of each and every team member made this critical part of our move flawless. I especially appreciated the continuous follow up and updates as the cats moved from our old home to JFK to Frankfurt to Barcelona to our new home. Please pass this along to everyone involved. I continue to recommend Air Animal to everyone I know. You may be hearing from my friend Victor in a few months when he and his dog move to Portugal. Kind regards, David

Scotland to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

International Pet Moves March 7, 2019

The kids sure are home.... they were very sleepy girls on Wednesday but seems more lively today. Thank you for all your help and support over the last few weeks. The whole process from beginning to end was smooth, professional and informative.John & Lynsey, Shimaya & Star
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