Move Your Pet Germany

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Whatever your reason for relocating to Germany, Air Animal has the knowledge and the experience to provide you with pet moving made easy® solutions. We work with families relocating for a military Permanent Change of Station with the Armed Forces, contract employment with the Department of Defense and corporate transfers. Air Animal will expertly arrange your pet's air transport needs from the USA and its territories to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Pets entering the EU are required to arrive within five days of their owners or authorized agent - if not, additional fees will apply.

Germany allows pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) in without quarantine provided:

After you move:

Please register with a local veterinarian to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up to date. Veterinarians typically send reminder notices when vaccinations are due. If another move is in your future, you and your pet will be ready.

Pet moving made easy®. That's our focus. It's our passion.

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