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Move Your Pet Guam

Leave the details to us!


Limited Access to Guam

Only military members with PCS orders are eligible to relocate to Guam with a pet. You are responsible for booking the Hawaii-to-Guam flight with United Airlines after arriving in Honolulu, HI. Dogs and cats in 200 to 500P kennels are accepted. United Airlines no longer accepts large dogs requiring giant 700P travel kennels.

To avoid delays and unnecessary expense, please follow these steps in this order:

After you move:

Please register with a local veterinarian to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up to date. Veterinarians typically send reminder notices when vaccinations are due.

Also consider having your U.S. veterinarian run a complete blood count, a differential and chem panel on your dog or cat before moving. Take the report with you to share with your new veterinarian. If another move is in your future, you and your pet will be ready.

Air Animal Pet Movers® and our U.S. move specialists know the drill, know the routine, and are experienced. Pet moving made easy®. That's our focus, our passion and our promise.

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