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Move Your Pet Qatar

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As you plan your relocation to Qatar, you will discover your small pet dog or cat may fly as accompanied or unaccompanied baggage depending on the passenger airline you choose. Medium- and large-sized pets must fly as manifested air cargo, which Air Animal can arrange.

Afghans, American Staffordshire terriers, boerboel, Boston terriers, boxers, bull terriers, bull mastiffs, bulldogs, great Danes, Japanese akitas, pitbulls, pugs, rottweilers, Chinese shar-pei and dobermans are banned by Qatar.

We can take care of:

After you move:

Please register with a local veterinarian to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up to date. Veterinarians typically send reminder notices when vaccinations are due. If another move is in your future, you and your pet will be ready.