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Move Your Pet United Kingdom

Leave the details to us!

"No quarantine for pets entering the UK." Sounds fantastic! Still, the details to attend to before Fido, the kitty, or the ferret, are ready to leave for their flight to the United Kingdom add up.

Pets have always flown to the UK as manifest and booked air cargo. DEFRA regulations do not permit pets in the passenger cabin.

Six steps for entry into the UK:

  1. Show proof of a current rabies vaccination.
    • The first vaccination after microchipping or any lapse in coverage is a "primary" vaccination and only valid for one year under UK rules - even if the pet received a three-year vaccine.
    • If the primary lapses - even by one day - you must start over.
    • If your pet receives its booster before the primary lapses, it is valid for one to three years depending on the vaccine manufacturer's instructions.
    • Pet parents are required to prove there was no lapse in rabies vaccination coverage since the primary vaccination.
  2. The microchip number must be on the vaccination certificate and confirmed by veterinary examination.
  3. At least 21 days after the most recent rabies vaccination, book an appointment with a USDA-accredited veterinarian to issue an international pet health certificate. Your veterinary appointment must be within 10 days of arrival in the UK.
  4. The next step is USDA export endorsement.
  5. Dogs must be treated for internal parasites 24-120 hours before flight arrival.
  6. There are no requirements for treating dogs, cats or ferrets for external parasites.

Want to simplify your paperwork?

Air Animal clients can keep track of vaccination certificates by uploading them to their Air Animal Pet Portal accounts.

Or you might ask your veterinarian to scan your pet's microchip and give your pet a one-year rabies vaccination at least 21 days but less than one year before your travel date. That way, no matter the rabies vaccination history, you only have to keep up with one vaccination certificate instead of several.

After you move:

Please register with a local veterinarian to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up to date. Veterinarians typically send reminder notices when vaccinations are due.

Also consider having your U.S. veterinarian run a complete blood count, a differential and chem panel on your dog or cat before moving. Take the report with you to share with your new veterinarian. If another move is in your future, you and your pet will be ready.

Whether your pet is going to the UK for the first time or your pet has her own UK Pet Passport, we navigate the ever-changing rules. DEFRA's Pet Travel Scheme allows for dogs, cats, and ferrets to enter the UK quarantine-free as long the entire protocol is followed. Air Animal's experienced UK pet moving specialists can assist you. Pet Moving Made Easy® . That's our focus, our passion and our promise.

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