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Brachycephalic Breeds

Avoid Pet Purchase Fraud

Guard Your Cash

Air Animal Pet Movers® is not associated with people selling puppies or other pets on the internet. Yorkies and English bull dog puppies are NOT sold for $200. These criminals are usually based outside the United States. They use false names and improper English in their messages. By phone, they speak with an accent you are unable to recognize.

These cyber criminals steal Air Animal's identity to appeal to your soft side and steal your money. They want you to use Western Union or Money Gram to wire transfer the money. Once money is wired, you can't get it back.

To buy a puppy, talk with the actual breeder. Get to know them. Visit. Ask questions. A cyber puppy seller will never share the name of the breeder or a telephone contact number.

If you have been scammed by cyber puppy sellers, report the crime to Federal Bureau of Investigations - Internet Crime Office for Cyber Crimes at

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